Female anti-Korean protester under severe critisism

[Osaka] – Following the anti-Korean protests held in Tokyo and Osaka earlier this month, one female anti-Korean protester has become the center of public resentment in Japan.

The woman had participated in an anti-Korean demonstration organized by right-wing groups in the Tsuruhashi district, a district in Osaka well-known for its large Korean community. Videos made public on Youtube and other online services showed the woman shouting anti-Korean slogans including “I want to kill them [Koreans] all, now!” and “We will start a Tsuruhashi massacre just like the Nanking Massacre!”, the latter being a reference to the Nanking Massacre that occurred after the capture of Nanking by Japanese forces during the Second Sino-Japanese war, in 1937.

The behaviour of the woman has caused widespread resentment in Japan. A top-level politician, who wished to remain anonymous, commented that “The woman should be arrested. I will not tolerate people making public references to fictitious historical events. There is absolutely no evidence that proves that the Nanking Massacre actually happened”. This year’s prime minister, Abe Shinzo, said in an official press conference that “Her behaviour is very regrettable”. Asked about his opinion about the threatening of the Korean communities in Japan, Abe expressed that he “could not care less. The important thing is to protect the Japanese version of world history”.

The right-wing organization to which the woman belongs is planning an investigation about potential Korean ancestry of the woman.

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