Data leak hits Japan National Security Institute


[Tokyo] – Japan’s National Security Institute (NSI) says it is investigating a potential data leak about its new security checks in airports.

NSI said it started its investigation after TV Tokyo made public posters advertising its new show called “Why did you come to Japan?”. The problematic posters picture foreigners inside an airport giving answers to the question “why did you come to Japan?”.

“The content of the posters was suspiciously similar to our plans for the new security checks”, explains Keishin Kuroda of NSI. “Not only the general setting, but also the answers printed on the posters showed a high similarity to our plans”, says Kuroda, adding that the similarity was “too high to be explained by mere chance”.

Answers featured in the poster include “I want to meet Japanese lolitas”, “Maid cafes are great”, and “I love the Japanese ‘kawaii’ “. “When I saw these answers, I nearly had a heart attack”, says Kuroda, “These answers are exactly the answers which our plan regards as answers with the lowest possible security threat.”

The NSI regards the leakage of these answers to the public as highly dangerous. “It’s a dangerous world out there, filled with foreign terrorists. If these guys get access to what we consider as acceptable answers, they can easily circumvent our security system”.

Photograph by Mark Buckton; from Japan Today. Link.

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