Osaka Mayor Hashimoto registers daughters as official comfort women

[Osaka] – Toru Hashimoto, Mayor of Osaka, earlier today officially registered his 4 daughters as comfort women for the Japanese Self Defense Force.

This move comes after Hashimoto’s controversial comments earlier this week on the role of “sex slaves” during World War II, referred to as “comfort women” in Japanese. Hashimoto said that “comfort women” served a “necessary” role in keeping troops in check by allowing them to “let off steam”.

“People told me to make my daughters comfort women, and there, I did register them”, explained Hashimoto. “I did it without the girls’ consent”, Hashimoto admitted jokingly, “much in the traditional Japanese way, so to speak”.

In case a war should break out between Japan and a neighboring country, the 4 girls will serve to entertain the male members of the Japanese Self Defense Force, which counts about 250,000 active personnel. Asked about his opinion about the promised services, one officer said that if it was sure that war would break out, he hoped it would be before the daughters turned 20 years of age. A second officer stated that he had no idea what the girls look like, but that in case they are good-looking he supports the idea. “I really need to let off some steam already…”, he added.

Asked about his opinion, former Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara said that he was mainly surprised that Hashimoto was willing to admit the existence of the “comfort women”, which he stressed “are 100% fictional”.

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