Osaka Mayor Hashimoto two days without offensive remarks

[Osaka] – The front pages of several Japanese newspapers reported today that the mayor of Osaka, Toru Hashimoto, has not made a single offensive remark in public during the last two days.

Chief-editors point out that this is a radical change in policy by Hashimoto, who recently managed to make one or more offensive remarks per day, over a period of more than a week.

The public relations manager of Hashimoto, Takeshi Nakamura, confirmed that the mayor is taking his new policy seriously: “His first challenge is to complete one week without a single offensive remark”, said Nakamura. “After that, we’ll see how it goes.”

During yesterday’s meeting in Osaka City Hall, Hashimoto himself appeared optimistic. “It is surprisingly easy to stop offending people! I mean, I have gone several hours without offending anyone yesterday. Granted, there were short relapse periods in between…” Nakamura confirmed this statement, adding that Hashimoto had indeed made offensive remarks several times even yesterday, but “at least not in public.”

The private offensive remarks targeted the USA, the entire South Korean population, and “an old lady he met on the street”, among others.

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