Right-wing group sues NHK for using too many Kanji

[Tokyo] – A little over a week since a pensioner decided to sue Japan’s national broadcaster NHK for overuse of foreign loanwords, another suit is threatening NHK.

The new suit concerns the use of Chinese characters, so-called kanji. Daitōjuku, a Japanese right-wing organization, is suing NHK for emotional distress, caused by the overuse of Chinese characters in their broadcasts.

The Japanese language is written in a mixture of three writing systems: kanji, which are of Chinese origin, hiragana and katakana. Japanese makes extensive use of kanji, with over 2,000 different characters being regularly used in every-day life.

In a press conference, a group of lawyers representing Daitōjuku explained: “The widespread use of kanji in the NHK broadcasts has rendered them unintelligible for people with mental retardation in general, and many members of Daitōjuku in particular. Our clients demand NHK to replace all kanji with hiragana“.

“In addition, most members of Daitōjuku have a strong dislike for anything originating from China”, they added.

Spokespersons of Daitōjuku also announced that they contacted other right-wing organizations asking them to join their protest, but without success. “None of the other organizations have answered our letters, but we will send them the same requests again after removing all kanji from the letters”, one spokesperson explained. “This time we will also ask our lawyers to help us out with Arabic numerals in the addresses.”

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