Right-wing group planning book burning of “Barefoot Gen” comic

[Matsue] – Today the Japanese right-wing organization Daitōjuku announced its plan for a large book burning in the city of Matsue later this year.

The news comes one week after one of the organization’s members succeeded to convince the local board of education to remove the comic “Barefoot Gen” from its school libraries. According to the right-wing organization, the famous comic contains “war time atrocities by Japanese troops that did not actually happen”.

A representative of Daitōjuku told us that the book burning will be “an action against the un-Japanese spirit” with as goal to “cleanse the country of any books showing or mentioning fictional events”. Such events include, according to the spokesman, the Rape of Nanking and “basically any incident involving our proud Japanese soldiers during our times of glory”.

The comic “Barefoot Gen” is one of the books that is on the right-wing index, along with many of the mainstream history books used all over the world.

“Anyone is welcome to join us for the book burning”, concluded the representative, though he urged international press to “stay away, in order to avoid misunderstandings”.

Minister Taro Aso, has expressed his support for the event. He was quoted as saying “See, I knew there was a lot we can learn from Nazi Germany. If only I’d been born a blond, blue-eyed fellow in the 1920s. It would have been wunderbar!”

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