Abe wins “Best Liarist Award” for Fukushima under control remark

[Tokyo] – Last week on Sunday, the Japanese Medical Institute of Mythomania (JMIM) awarded Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with this year’s “Best Liarist Award”, “liarist” being Japanese English for “liar”.

A spokesman of the JMIM explained that Abe’s “continuing effort to distort the truth” made him this year’s most active liar, as well as the one with the highest impact. “It is thanks to Abe’s lying that Japan was chosen to host the 2020 Olympic Games”, the spokesman explained, calling Abe’s speech “the cherry on the cake”. The spokesman also cited Abe’s revisionist views on history, and “countless other lies” as being additional reasons why he won this year’s award.

One of the judges of JMIM commented on what he called “the superb timing” of some of Abe’s lies. “Despite several reports clearly showing that the situation in Fukushima looks very grave, Abe still assured everyone the situation was under control, a blatant lie of the highest level”. But there is more. “Then, days after the Olympic decision,TEPCO itself admitting the situation is out of control! Superb timing, superb!”, exclaimed the visibly emotional judge.

Under applause of the ministers, Abe himself accepted the award during today’s Diet session. An irritated Abe was heard saying “Are you calling me a liar? That what you calling me?”, and with referral to the Fukushima nuclear crisis: “Let’s just say I want things to stay the way they are for now. I am the boss. If TEPCO says they are out of control, they are wrong. I am the boss! It’s under control!”. Video footage of the session showed Abe handing the award to Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, saying “you’re the one who deserves it most”, after which he left the session.

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