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Japanese shocked: most Olympic athletes are foreigners

[Tokyo] – A representative of the Japanese Olympic Committee has caused a rough awakening for many Japanese from the euphoric festivities following the decision that Tokyo will host the 2020 summer Olymics. During a two hour press conference, Igarashi Taro … Continue reading

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Right-wing group sues NHK for using too many Kanji

[Tokyo] – A little over a week since a pensioner decided to sue Japan’s national broadcaster NHK for overuse of foreign loanwords, another suit is threatening NHK. The new suit concerns the use of Chinese characters, so-called kanji. Daitōjuku, a … Continue reading

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Osaka Mayor Hashimoto two days without offensive remarks

[Osaka] – The front pages of several Japanese newspapers reported today that the mayor of Osaka, Toru Hashimoto, has not made a single offensive remark in public during the last two days. Chief-editors point out that this is a radical … Continue reading

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Apprentice Shinto priest at Yasukuni Shrine accidentally enshrines 247 celebrities

[Tokyo] – Confusion and anger at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo today, where a young apprentice Shinto priest made a mistake that is bound to shake the shrine to its foundations, and Japanese politics with it. The young apprentice, whose … Continue reading

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Japanese politicians cause newspaper strikes

[Tokyo] – Several of Japan’s main newspapers, including the Yomiuri, Asahi, and Mainichi newspapers, have issued statements protesting against the behaviour of Japan’s politicians. Instead of the usual newspapers, tomorrow they will hand out a free, single page, special issue, containing … Continue reading

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Osaka Mayor Hashimoto registers daughters as official comfort women

[Osaka] – Toru Hashimoto, Mayor of Osaka, earlier today officially registered his 4 daughters as comfort women for the Japanese Self Defense Force. This move comes after Hashimoto’s controversial comments earlier this week on the role of “sex slaves” during … Continue reading

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Pine tree in Gifu Prefecture to be UNESCO World Heritage site

[Gifu] – Following last week’s recommendation of Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji for World Heritage status by the International Council of Monuments and Sites, the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs (JACA) has made public its plans for a new application to UNESCO … Continue reading

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